Thursday, November 18, 2010

I have no gift to bring, thats fit to give our King (Little Drummer Boy)

 Ok i am taking the Chirstmas thing a little too far now i guess but i had ANOTHER moment listening to Little Drummer Boy! Have you really listened to the words?!
 "Little Baby..I am a poor boy too... I have no gift to bring...Thats fit to give our King..."

 Whaaaaat?! I just had to stop it am play it again!

(felt bad that he felt this way... but often we walk around saying the same thing)

Then i thought... Are there times when you feel like the work you do for the Lord will never be enough?
What talent has he blessedyou with? Do you use it to honor him?

"Mary nodded...Ox and lamb kept time...I played my drum for him...I played my best for him...Then he smiled at me..." 

Just last week i was SO ready to give up and change my major and that very same day i was reminded what i was there for...
Do you get caugt up? Forget what the struggle is all for?

Just remember that you were sent here for a reason... everyone's mission is different

As long as you "play for him", "play your best for him"... He will smile upon you :) :)

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