Monday, October 25, 2010


Ok I know as a young Christian teen I should read my Bible lots more and I am working on it but not actively working on it. This morning I got up and I google... and this is what I came up with...

My Google Search...Parents don't provoke your children

Ephesians 6:4 (look it up!)

I try on a regular basis not to be bitter and upset at ppl in my life but after a while what can one do? And all this made me realized that I have just stopped.... I have stopped fighting back... I have stopped yelling... why? Cuz it does not help anything and sad to say I have already made up my mind... i love them but there will have to be a separation at some point...


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why I rep lime green...

I rep lime green cuz I have no choice
See...I am a voice
Lime green was introduced to me in a very tragic way...
and sad to say, it is here to stay
Lime green will claim many lives and touch many others
Friends, sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers...
Lime green is not often talked about...
and that makes me want to shout
"Can't you see what is going on inside of me!?" "Us?"
Quietly... it overtakes
One by one, how much more can we all take
The story of many, untold...
and in my hand life I hold
To make a difference is my goal
Step by we go! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Clean house...

Today I have come to the conclusion that I just don't want some ppl in my life... they offer me nothing... they take from me and never think to give back. They only call me in the time of trouble...that is not a friend. I have found that as the days pass by I am becoming more and more quiet. Why? Just time to step back... I see some things that are going on and really... I don't really know what it all means. I pray that it will be revealed to me. I feel like there are somethings I gotta do... 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My new thing...

I think i have an earlier blog that expressed my need to let the world now about Lymphoma... In my head(lol) and slightly on Facebook... I have started this campaign (don't know if that is the right word) Ask Me About My Cancer! I kinda just want it to be something that helps all people share their stories and spread awareness about all cancers... Some cancers get overlooked or are just not that well known sooooo... that is my idea....

love you!

Empty Promises

Lies the devil told you... fun things that will only last a while... things that got you trapped.... things you can't get out of.
Your sin... what feels good... empty promises of happiness... only momentary... and then what?
back to the way you were feeling before.
does it then bring you great joy? a lifetime of happiness?
have you ever lived a day for the Lord? I can tell you now it is the greatest thing ever... now think about a life time and after death another lifetime.

sometimes ppl take that struggles in life and turn it into a negative... maybe you should all just take it all as a learning experience. look at it as a way to grow. so many ppl are walking around on this earth with burdens that they were never meant to carry.. so what say you? will you leave everything at the alter and let the One that died for you have your back?

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Often in life were are tested and we have to make choices. Sometimes we are given the answer to situations before we actually get there... question is were you paying attention? Did you get the answer loud and clear? Today if was faced with 2 choices sin or what I knew was right.... for a moment I thought about just doing the easy thing but then I had to think back to just an hour before when something was said about the same action. so.. I went and did what i really had to do and not what I wanted to do. in these times one needs to be close to God and be sure that they are working towards a Godly goal and not a worldly one.Please the Lord at all times.


I have realized that I have become very fired up about Breast Cancer Awearness. In turn this made me very fired up about my cancer. Lymphoma. I want to get involved but i do not know how... I guess this is a start along with facebook. Anywho, I think at this time I have come to a place where I can share and be infomative. Even today I got so emotional because I still can't believe I am here today... healthy. God is good all the time. All the time God is good. Amen? Amen!

Goodnight <3

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Today was a good day... I woke up and said "Lord, nothing is going to get between me and you today!" and there me day began. I did have some bumps in the road and I did get hurt today... but when talking to the offender today all I could do was smile.Why be mad? Why cry? No reason because life will go on and there are bigger and better things going on all around you. Yes today was a blah day and it rained all day but WHO CARES! Always, Always, ALWAYS make the best of your day! You never know what tomorrow brings! So live life for the Lord and strive to please the Lord at all times! Just get close to him.

I heard on the radio...pray in silence... it gives you the chance to listen to the Lord and for Him to listen to you. Great things come out of silence... the silence is time for reflection. So go ahead and reflect, listen, pray. I am ;) nighty night

Today is a rainy day

Today is a rainy day but I choose light! Got some bright clothes on (reppin JA) Trying not to let the events that have gone on in the past days move me in any way. I cannot grow bitter... I must move on. I am not the problem and I cannot fix the problem alone. Leavin it at the alter and there it will stay.

Today is a good day to just stay in bed and sleep but I am here! Oh well that is what must go on lol...

In closing, In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.... I like it anywhere my mom doesn't! :-p 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

So little time...

You know sometimes you hope to GOD that he will change your life because you think it will be better and you know sometimes he allows it and you realize you took on more than you can handle... well in my case that is what happened... now what will I do? TAKE IT ON SUCKA!!! Would not have life any other way!!!!

Lesson of September

What was once hidden is no longer in the dark.... but who does it matter to? Also in the bigger picture how important is it? To me, when I heard and I see what I see, I don't understand. Why? Because I feel like there is more to life. Look around you and see the life going on in everything. No? Stuck in your small world. But hey who am I to judge... mmmm no not judging just observing

Observe often and speak very little... that is what i got out of last month. this month i feel like it will be about freedom of real self. I feel it coming but i don't wanna get ahead of myself. only time will tell... just gotta leave it up to God.