Sunday, October 10, 2010

Empty Promises

Lies the devil told you... fun things that will only last a while... things that got you trapped.... things you can't get out of.
Your sin... what feels good... empty promises of happiness... only momentary... and then what?
back to the way you were feeling before.
does it then bring you great joy? a lifetime of happiness?
have you ever lived a day for the Lord? I can tell you now it is the greatest thing ever... now think about a life time and after death another lifetime.

sometimes ppl take that struggles in life and turn it into a negative... maybe you should all just take it all as a learning experience. look at it as a way to grow. so many ppl are walking around on this earth with burdens that they were never meant to carry.. so what say you? will you leave everything at the alter and let the One that died for you have your back?

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