Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Church Bells

everyday when i get here i hear police sirens and ambulances and after a while i got use to them...then there was one day when i realized that church bells ring out over this campus too... idk where the church is and that does not matter... at those moments when the bells ring it is still and quiet... that is all that matters... everything stops and i can hear nothing else but the bells. today a song played... i did not know it but i hummed along anyway cuz i guess i did down in my heart 

the church bells are so much louder and much more haunting than the constant sounds of trouble that circle this campus everyday. when i hear the sirens i feel nothing but when the first church bell rings i am aware.

could it be that the church bells are a greater warning?
Just for me? or for all? are there some that do not hear?

-just something to think about...

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