Thursday, November 18, 2010

I can't name this...

to all the mothers and fathers out there.... if you child tells you that they are not happy at home, what would be the normal response? would one ask why (unprompted) or start listing the places one could go?

to all the mothers and fathers out there... is it not your job to love and nurture your kids or put them down?
make them feel like there is no one left in there corner?

to all the new mothers and fathers out there... the promise you made your child when they could not understand... will you still keep it when they are 19?

to the parents that have been at it for a while... do you resent your child? do they resent you? do you make life a living hell?

to anyone that identifies with this.... do you feel like somone has it out for you?

all of this floods to me...cuz on earth i got no emotional help(from the ones that should have my back)... OH BUT I HAVE MY HELP! this is the one time that i can honestly say that what i wanna do for the next two years is very clear to me... Thank you Lord i am still alive and what was the worst so far is behind me. sometime a chick just gotta fly....

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