Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why not you (12/1/10)

Tonight I did what I was told to do a long time ago... I went to a chat room for cancer support... It was awesome and I am glad I did it. SO AWESOME! I thought there was something wrong with me when I got upset when ppl adopt the Why Me mentality. but tonight i found out that i am not the only one that gets set on fire when those words fly out of someones mouth.

Someone said to me "ask Why not them?"

That just made me stop.
Yes what ever you are going through right now is hard and we all know you did not ask for it but what is having the Why Me mentality going to do for you? So Why Not You?

Take it on like you do everyday of your life and deal with it.

That chat room is great... I had ppl to talk to that UNDERSTOOD! good

She said...Cancer asks no age...
Just like me she thought she was in the clear and then it came back.... and we both still call it a blessing
I am not saying that i want it again but i would not have life anyother way...i would do it again...because of cancer i and changed indefinately...for the better.

so why not you?
Omg...I don't think anyone knows how happy i am right now! God is Good!


  1. Sista - I read your profile and this post and OMG thank you for sharing your story! I can only imagine how this journey has been for you, but I am inspired by your strong will and positive outlook on life. Life can be extremely difficult at times and it's always painful to see a young person having to learn that lesson so early in life. Although I don't personally know you, I have to say I am proud of you and what you are doing. I'm a strong believer that life teaches us lessons and it's up to us to learn from those lessons and share our lessons with others. All the best to you and your family.

  2. well thank you! You don't know how much your comment means to me. It just lets me know that I am not doing this for no reason. It is more painful for me to think of all the ones that are younger than me and they are still fighting the good fight. and again thank you soooo much