Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Follow up to my GBK pictures

The day I had to talk about him in class I broke down... I was just so happy that I finally acheived what I have been wanting to do for a year. All I wanted to do was make a art piece that told my story and the story of many others.

Everyone asked me what I was going to do with him and I honestly did not know... all I knew was that my mom did not want it in the house (and I was right). I saw a sign (literally) and I think I know what my next step for GBK is... It will take some time

Idk what is going to become of him after my plans but I have a feeling he is not going to say in one place too long.

This piece was my little piece of freedom...

This was my reaction when I first started GBK....

Today in ceramics, i made a gingerbread kid... and then later i gave him cancer

=[ but he is ok! lol but yeah I smiled at him and said "I like you kid" It was weird but freeing... i can dig it

cuz he is me! He is everyone! he is him! lol ok i tried to be serious but it is just not working but yeah.... glad i did it! <3

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