Saturday, March 19, 2011

Can you say AMEN!!??

 Good morning... thought I would come on here and tell you about what made my day at about 6am. I was listening to the news from under the covers and then a story about a woman that was being treated a tumor of some sort you know i had to open my eyes and take it all in. I then realize that it is a woman that i saw a few times at my job. She looked so... idk... i was genuinely concerned about her and went home and told my mom about her. FAST FORWARD to like last month... i see the same girl back in my line to check out. She looked 10 times better and I was so so so happy to see that she was ok. Then i see her on the news today!!! like really?! tried to look for the story on the new website but i can't find it... i really just wanna tell her that i am so happy to see her smiling face on the tv this morning (starting to cry (":) I am do happy that she is ok! I am just happy that she is alive. I really wish i remembered her name so i could find her on facebook and tell her, i just wanna give her a hug! buuuut i guess this note to you all will have to do! :)

I had to shoot God a really loud thank you from way deep down inside of me! Lord THANK YOU for saving her life THANK YOU  for letting me know she is ok. Just ugh guys! I wanna shake someone right now! ugh! ok

I am going back to bed!


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